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Meteorological forecats system
minute by minute forecast with a sky-camera

MeteoCamera example

 MeteoCamera technology

Camera images (taken with a camera installed in the plant) are updated every minute in order to forecast:

  • cloud cover in the sky
  • cloud movement (speed and direction)
  • direct normal irradiance (DNI) in the solar field

Forecasting time-horizon will depend on the speed and direction of the clouds as well as on the solar position (azimuth and elevation).Solar irradation and shawoding data.


Obtain an efficient operation during DNI fluctuations, sunshine and sunset. 


MeteoCamera on a computer

Technical Specifications:

  • Prediction time: 1 minute ~ 40 minutes
  • Frequency: Minute by minute
  • Subsystem: Sky oriented hemispheric camera 360x180º
  • Visual range: < 20 km

Interface specifications:

  • Camera image is shown in different image formats and dimensions
  • Update of forecast and images every minute
  • Video of the last minutes in order to analyze clouds' evolution

Video Meteo For Energy

 Minute by minute forecast: maximize production

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