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Meteorological forecast system
to optimize energy production


Meteocast is the combination of three different meteorological forecast technologies that enables to achieve accurate weather forecasts in different time-horizons.

Each of these technologies optimizes forecasts for different period of times and are integrated alltogether with a software developed by Meteo for Energy. This software estimates every parameter of each prediction system and makes an optimum combination.


Three tecnologies with a common objective: optimize energy production

MeteoCamera MeteoSatellite MeteoModels


With MeteoCast you will

  • Maximize & estimate energy production. We offer accurate and reliable weather forecasts to optimize your energy production.
  • Minimize risks. Reduce any possible risk in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of thermosolar plants to save the components of the plant.
  • Every minute meteorological forecast. Anticipate operation to radiation fluctuations.
  • Cost reduction. Reduce technical and financial risks related to weather conditions.


Meteo for Energy services

  • Customized weather solutions. Flexibility and adaptability.
  • User-friendly interface. Clear and intuitive.
  • Innovation. Innovative services and products.
  • Monthly reports of meteorological data.
  • Accurate meteorological forecasts with sky-camera images, satellite images and meteorological models.


Video Meteo For Energy

Obtain an efficient and safety operation of the thermosolar plant 

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