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Meteorological forecast system
for medium and long-term periods with meteorological models

MeteoModels example

 MeteoModels technology

Meteorological models are able to make a 72 hours (3 days) forecast for different meteorological variables for a specific location with the possibility of giving up to 8 days forecast. The updated information from the models applies only from 6 hours approximately because the prediction up to 6 hours is more reliable and accurate with methods such as the satellite imagery process.The prediction data is update hourly. The meteorological models produce simulations of atmospheric conditions predicting the evolution of variables, such as: sun elevation (º), DNI (W/m2), cloud cover (%), temperature (ºC),pressure (hPa), precipitation rate (mm).

Efficient operation and maintenance is a critical component for a solar plant.


Reduce operation costs and manage intermittences with long-term forecasts


MeteoModels on a computer

Technical specifications  

  • Prediction time: 6 hours ~ 72 hours
  • Frequency: Hourly
  • Subsystem: Meteorological models

Interface characteristics

  • Graphical display of forecasts: cloudness precipitation...
  • Time-slider to see the evolution of different variables

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Hourly meteorological forecasts

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