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Meteorological forecast system
for the following hours with satellite images

MeteoCamera example

MeteoSatellite technology

Satellite imagery are able to show a wide space dimension of the clouds around the thermosolar plant. The periodicity of the satellite imagery allows a post-process of images to determine the movement of the clouds and then predict the direct normal irradiance up to 6 hours.

Satellite images can cover spaces below ~1 kilometer per pixel every 15 minutes giving this way accurate information for the prediction.


Obtain an optimum integration of the energy production of the plant to the net 


MeteoCamera on a computer

Technical specifications 

  • Prediction time: 15 minutes ~ 6 hours
  • Frequency: Every 15 minutes
  • Subsystem: Meteosat Satellite
  • Visual range: > 20 km

Interface specifications

  • Different zoom image visualization
  • Update of forecast and images every 15 minutes
  • Video of the last minutes in order to analyze clouds' evolution

Video Meteo For Energy

Accurate forecasts every 15 minutes

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