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Meteo for Energy offers the latest technologies in meteorological forecasts with emphasis on new developments such as the sky-camera forecast system.

The camera of the Meteocamera technology is designed by Meteo (Meteo for Energy) for the meteocamera system. This technology consists of a specific camera and hardware designed by our technical team in order to optimize the accuracy in the cloud detection and in the cloud movement for very short time predictions.

We take full advantage of the hardware of the camera thorough optimization software techniques such as parallel programming, modelling systems and synchronization of every process.

Therefore, we can make big amounts of calculations using as much data as a computer can for a minute by minute forecast.

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The satellite technology also introduces innovative solutions such as image process of satellite imagery making smoothness forecast minute by minute evolution of the clouds. Meteo receives satellite data signals directly in the developed software to achieve an online processing to give a real time service in a record time to update all the forecast system.

In order to assure satellite data reception, Meteo has a redundant satellite data acquisition in different sites of Spain to ensure a correct and stable service.

The meteorological model forecast software developed by us makes accurate hourly meteorological forecast for specific sites. Ours system makes use of our advances computerised system to obtain high reliability forecasts for different time horizons.


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MeteoCast - Meteorology Forecast

Obtain an efficient and safe operation of the thermosolar plant

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METEOCAST: real-time meteorological forecast system. Obtain an efficient and safe operation of thermosolar plants.