Meteo for Energy offers an intelligent management system that allows companies to monitor and control outdoor lighting in real time based on weather conditions. In this way it is possible to reduce the expense in addition to optimize the maintenance and management of outdoor / public lighting.

The remote management system focuses on adjusting everyday on and off in the optimal minute based on the light calculated with the solar algorithms and the cloud information of the Meteosat satellite in real time. This is achieved by a remote control (remote management) in the electrical enclosure that manages public lighting. In this way, this system is committed to energy efficiency avoidinh having lights on while there is natural light and guarantees adequate visibility for the normal development of the activities of the society.

Meteo for Solar platform makes this information accessible to any user. In a simple and fast way it is possible to download data of the radiation components in a point or area of ​​interest, without the need for long waits or real measurements at the place of study. The platform offers different options:

Imagen de satélite - Meteo for Energy


The platform helps you:

  • Optimize lighting on and off based on cloudiness in real time
  • Manage a historical record of lighting of on and off (minutes saved)
  • Sustainable development: energy saving
  • Monitor consumption and other variables of interest in real time
  • Detect faults, anomalies in the network, overconsumption, consumption outside the time range or unauthorized connections, etc.
  • Incident alarm system
  • Manage inventory and record maintenance activities
  • Calculate the electrical bill
  • Adjust the contracted power

Plataforma de telegestión del alumbrado

Plataform - Meteo for Smartlight

Consumption optimization

Optimization of  lighting on and off


Electrical bill simulation and optimization


Customization of the platform and sendind information format


Alerts and anomalies reports


Real - time

Real - time consumption management


System location and area of action


Inventory management and maintenance


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