Large forest fires increase every year in the countries of southern Europe. Detecting a fire in the beginning phases is the difference between extinguishing it before regretting great damage or evolving into a large fire. A remote detection service is a great complement to actual extinguishing systems, especially in uninhabited areas, difficult to access or at night.

The Meteo for Fires real-time fire detection system uses images from the Meteosat satellite to detect and identify fires. The satellite takes pictures of Europe, Africa and the Middle East every 15 minutes, the detection is carried out taking advantage of the high sensitivity of the infrared channels to the variations of the temperature in the ground that causes a fire. Being the infrared range, detection is possible both day and night, so that the fire detection service is real-time and uninterrupted.


1 - Wildfire prevention

  • Fire prevention
    • Fire risk index (FWI)
    • Vegetation index map (NDVI)
    • Ground temperature

2- Wildfire detection

  • Fire detection
    • Meteosat images, every 15 minutes in real-time.

Detección de incendios forestales

3- Wildfire extinguishing

  • Firefighting
    • Wind direction and speed on GIS map
    • Real-time precipitation radar
    • Ground temperature
    • Meteogram of the selected point (weather forecasts at a specific point: wind, cloudiness, temperature, precipitation, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure)
    • Global weather forecast maps of the area (precipitation, cloudiness, atmospheric pressure and wind)
    • Meteorological variables of interest on the GIS map when managing fire extinguishing

Plataform - Meteo for Fires


Fire alerts


Area of interest selection

Real - time

Meteorological forecasts 


Meteorological conditions evolution


Maps visualization - GIS platform


Alerts management


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