Calculation of the typical meteorological year of a specific site for a solar plant 

Solar radiation data is very important in more and more sectors. Knowing the radiation components is vital for the solar sector, both photovoltaic and solar thermal, not only for the feasibility studies of the project but also for the operation and maintenance results analysis.

Moreover, more and more small producers install solar panels for their own supply or connected to the network. So, on the progress to smart cities and distributed generation an accurate calculation of radiation is a valuable information for many users.

TMY - Año meteorológico tipo

A Meteo for Solar platform makes this information accessible to any user. In a simple and fast way it is possible to download data of the radiation components in a point or area of ​​interest, without the need for long waits or real measurements at the place of study. The platform offers different options:

  • Selection of solar resource for specific dates.
  • Selection of the area of ​​interest by coordinates or by selecting on the map.
  • Data of the typical meteorological year (TMY).
  • Selection of the desired variables.
  • Energy production simulation.

Products / Technology:

MeteoSatellite - GHI, DNI, DifHI

Solar Recource Assesment with Meteosat satellite images

Recurso solar con imágenes de satélite

Calculation of the three components of solar radiation variables using satellite images which allows:

  • The calculation of solar radiation at any point in the Meteosat área
  • Broad historical data: since 2004. Date on which the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) began
  • High accuracy

Obtain an accurate analysis of the solar resource without installing weather stations


Calculation of the typical meteorological year

Cálculo del año meteorológico tipo

The typical meteorological year describes in hourly basis which is the most typical weather condition for a specific site:

  • Calculation with data from 2004 to the present
  • Calculation for any point of the Meteosat images
  • Analysis of the TMY results in comparison with the last 13 years

Learn about the conditions of an area for PV project planning and decision making


Energy plant simulation 

Simulación de producción planta fotovoltaica

Specifying the characteristics of the plant, a production simulation is carried out:

  • Hourly production for 1 year.
  • Annual production for 25 years.
  • Monthly, daily and percentage production.
  • Other variables: average temperature, effective radiation, etc.

Obtain the production estimation of a solar plant for project planning and decision making

Meteo for Solar platform:


Solar reource vosualization in graphs

Site potential evaluation

Solar resource assement report (TMY)

Solar Maps

Solar resource assement map visualization

Numerical data

Web service, FTP and API


Map visualization in GIS platform


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